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Air Mobility Training Centre (AMTC)

CFB Trenton, Ontario, Kanada
Lead of the pack award Leed award
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Air Mobility Training Centre (AMTC)

One of the most complex facilities of its kind, the Air Mobility Training Centre (AMTC), located at 8 Wing at CFB Trenton, was built to house the equipment and personnel required to train pilots and maintenance crews for the new CC-320J Hercules aircraft purchased by the Canadian Forces. It will also provide support to Canadian troops serving in combat, as well as for peace keeping and humanitarian missions around the world.

Equivalent to two football fields, the AMTC provides crews with a state-of-the-art environment in which to train. The LEED® silver certified facility consists of a combination of 2- and 3-storey educational and office spaces, designed and built to accommodate the latest in aircrew and technician simulation, making it one of the most advanced flight training facilities in the world.

Installed mechanical equipment includes chillers, boilers, lighting, power monitoring, fire alarm, emergency generator, DHW, chemical control, steam, and VFDs. The project required integration with several BACnet® vendors and had to comply with military standards.

The installation of highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment, including flight simulators, means that the tolerances for the concrete floor are much lower than usual. The facility now benefits from remote access, integration to a large WAN for multiple buildings, and creative programming encompassing energy saving modes within the building. The expertise and diligence of the DDC professionals involved with this complex project brought in the AMTC almost $20 million under budget.

Number of Buildings2
Total Area17,000 M2 (182,988 ft2)
Products/Equipment Installed

4 MACH-ProCom™
21 MACH-ProSys™
47 MACH-Zone™
303 MACH-Air™
2 MACH-ProAir™
241 Smart Sensor™
51 SmartSpace™

Systems IntegratedBoiler, CO2 Monitoring, VAV, Power Monitoring
Number of Devices669
System Points10579
Controls ContractorR.E.L. Controls Inc.