Case Studies

The Eye Center

Columbus, OH, United States, United States
Completed: Fall 2008
The Eye Center

The Reliable Controls® MACH-System is integral to providing 24-hour integrated management of the intricate Eye Center environment. The system provides dependable control, remote access, monitoring, and 24-hour alarm notification. The Reliable Controls® MACH System controls a central hydronic heating and chilled water plant, two medium pressure variable air volume handling units, a single dedicated constant volume air handling unit for the low pressure surgery center, 40 independent reheat zones, and 157 MACH-Air™ VAV controllers. SMART-Sensors™ are featured throughout the facility for space temperature monitoring as well as simple, local user interface.

Number of Buildings1
Total Area120,000
Products/Equipment Installed

1 Reliable Controls ETHER-Link BACnet Building Controller
1 Reliable Controls MACH-Global BACnet Building Controller
3 Reliable Controls MACH1 BACnet Building Controller
40 Reliable Controls MACH-Zone BACnet Application Specific Controllers
157 Reliable Controls MACH-Air BACnet Application Specific Controllers
199 Reliable Controls SMART-Sensor LCD User Interface

Systems IntegratedHeatpump, Chiller, VAV
Number of Devices400
System Points1,700
Controls ContractorCommercial Control Services
Controls ContractorReliable Controls