BIG-EU: New Online Platform for Reliable BACnet Information

  • BACnet Interest Group Europe hands over management of its online channels to CS-Lab GmbH
  • Relaunch of website creates added value for property operators

BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU) has handed over management of its online channels to CS-Lab GmbH in Krefeld, Germany. The interest group promotes widespread use of the BACnet standard (Building Automation and Control Networks) across Europe in accordance with ISO 16484-5 for the open exchange of data in building automation. Through close cooperation, the group responds to the needs of property operators following information and exchange on the interoperable bus protocol. “We have found an excellent service provider in CS-Lab GmbH, a service provider that impresses with both its extensive technical know-how and in-depth marketing understanding,” emphasises Klaus Wächter, BIG-EU President.

Cross-manufacturer exchange

Featuring independent reports, interviews and graphics on the advantages, profitability and use of devices from various manufacturers, as well as offering best-practice solutions, the website provides information on the performance of the manufacturer-independent protocol. In addition, a list of links to manufacturer websites makes tedious individual research redundant. The development of social media activities will gradually round off the online presence. Nils-Gunnar Fritz, Marketing Chairman at BIG-EU: “This not only allows us to create added value for our customers, it also helps to appropriately position the BACnet standard on a growing market.”

There are currently two regulative drivers in European building automation. The first is the Cybersecurity Act, currently being implemented by the agency ENISA in IT security profiles. With this, BIG-EU experts expect the millions of BACnet devices currently in use to be equipped with standard-specific Secure Connect (BACnet/SC) security infrastructure in the medium term.

For sustainable investment decisions

The second driver is the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). With the reduction of energy consumption continuing to be the most urgent objective in building management, building automation will continue to make progress in this area. “Even for property operators that have managed without building automation so far, BACnet has incredible potential,” says Wächter. Wächter believes that investment cycles in this area are, in fact, traditionally long, but there is now a call for action. That is why BIG-EU is offering its many years of experience to support sustainable investment decisions. “With regard to these challenges for building automation in Europe, we are very excited to use our expertise to support the further dissemination of the BACnet protocol,” says Christian Klinger, Managing Director of CS-Lab GmbH.