First Face-to-Face BACnet Meetings After Two Years

After two years, the first face-to-face meetings between representatives of the European and American BACnet communities took place in Las Vegas. At the AHR Expo 2022, the Board of the BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU) again attended the Plenary Meeting and the Working Group Meetings of ASHRAE SSPC-135, the so-called BACnet Committee, from January 27–31.

The BIG-EU was represented by Board Member Willem van der Werf (Honeywell), Advisory Board Chairman Christoph Zeller (Sauter), Technical Working Group Head Salvatore Cataldi (Belimo) and Office Manager Hans Symanczik (TEMA).

Among other meetings, the BIG-EU was involved in the meetings of the BTL Working Group, which is constituted by members of BACnet International and the BIG-EU and whose aim is to promote and maintain “BACnet” and “BTL” as brands. Testing and interoperability of BACnet devices were the focus of the TI working group, also with BIG-EU participation.

In the “Plenary Meeting”, Coleman Brumley (PassiveLogic), the chairman of the BACnet Committee, announced the publication of Protocol Revision 24, which contains numerous extensions and adaptations. Details are available on the official website of the BACnet Committee: